Who's who

President Jeong Min Lee
President-Elect Seung Eun Jung
Secretary General Seung Eun Jung
Treasurer Seung-Koo Lee
Chair of Committees
   - Planning Hwan Seok Yong
   - Scientific Jin-Young Choi
   - Board Examination Ok Hee Woo
   - Training Youme Kim
   - Education Hyun Cheol Kim
   - Information & Communication Gongyong Jin
   - International Liaison Whal Lee
   - Medical Terminology Ik Yang
   - Clinical Practice Guideline Chi-Hoon Choi
   - Ethics Yeon Hyeon Choe
   - Health Policy and Practice Sung Il Hwang
   - Health Insurance Joon-Il Choi
Seon Hyeong Choi
   - Medicolegal Affairs Jin-Hwan Kim
   - Public Communication Beom Jin Park
   - Accreditation Woo Kyoung Jeong
   - Radiation Safety Jong Seok Lee
   - Membership Ja-Young Choi
Editor-in-Chief, KJR Seong Ho Park
Editor-in-Chief, JKSR Jung Im Jung
Radiology Imaging Network of Korea for Clinical Research (RINK-CR) Chang Min Park
Radiology Advocacy Network of Korea for Quality and Safety (RANK-QS) Kyung-Hyun Do
Director at Large Sung Hyun Kim
Seung Hyup Kim
Young Hwan Kim
Jong Seok Lee
Jai Soung Park
Joo Hyeong Oh
Jung-Hee Yoon
Chang Hee Lee
Hyo Soon Lim
Jeong Yeon Cho
Auditor Soon Tae Kwon
Jongmin Lee