1884 Establishment of the Kwang Hye Won
Nov. 08, 1895 Discovery of X-ray by Prof. Roentgen
1911 First installation of x-ray equipment at the Chosun Government-General Clinic
1921~1922 Beginning of Radiotherapy with Prof. Motoharu Suzuki's accession to Korea
1923 Installation of the therapeutic x-ray generation device "Symmetry" at the Chosun Government-General Clinic
1932 Establishment of the Chosun Roentgen Association
Around Apr. 1940 Establishment of an independent course in Radiology at the Medical Department of Kyoungseong University
Oct. 1945 Inaugural Assembly of the Korean Radiological Society at the affiliated hospital of the Kyeongseong Medical College (1st Chairman: Mr. Buhyeon, Lee)
May 25, 1964 Publication of the first radiology medical journal named "Journal of Korean Radiological Society"
Feb. 21, 1968 Establishment of the Korean Association of X-ray Medical Examination
1977 First installation of CT at the Kyung Hee University Medical Center
Jun. 20, 1977 The 1st Examination for the Assessment of Radiology Resident Training (location: Seoul National University Hospital, No. of Examinees: 96)
Apr. 24, 1978 The 1st Educational Course of Diagnostic Radiology for clinicians other than radiologists(by the Department of Radiology, Seoul National University Hospital)
Oct. 15, 1978 The 1st Refreshment Course for Board-certified Radiologists (location: International Conference Hall, Dongbang Building)
1978 First installation of Ultrasound machine at the Seoul National University Hospital
Jun. 1980 Establishment of the Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (1st Chairman: Prof. Joowan Kim)
Mar. 23, 1984 Establishment of The Korean Radiology Medical Foundation
Sept. 21, 1987 The 5th Congress of Asian Oceanian Congress of Radiology (AOCR) in Seoul
May 24, 1993 The 1st Asia-Pacific Cardiovascular & Interventional Radiology Meeting
Oct. 1995 The Scientific Congress in Commemoration of The 50th Anniversary of The Korean Radiological Society & 100th Anniversary of X-ray Discovery
Jan. 1995 Construction of The Society Hall Publication of The 50-Year History of The Korean Radiological Society Enactment of The Regulation for Radiation Safety in Diagnostic Radiology Embarkment of The Scholarship and Fellowship Program of Korean Radiological Society
2001 Unify The Spring and Fall Scientific Congresses (only once a year)
2004 Renaming The Academy:from Department of Diagnostic Radiology to Department of Radiology (Society was Renamed to Korean Society of Radiology) Grand Prize Award from The Korean Academy of Medical Sciences Establishment of The Korean Institute for Accreditation of Medical Image
Oct. 2008 The 12th Congress of AOCR